Vadim's Home Page

Disclaimer. This website for 15 years was just VMT.COM. I sold the domain for peanuts to good people who will use it for good purposes.

The portrait is by Eugene Palagashvili and is included in his beautiful album.

This is more recent and was taken by Eugene Berman.

This site was first created in 1994 (most people haven't heard about WWW at that time), and parts of it weren't updated much ever since. For archeologycal reasons I keep the original version of home page with some annotations. Don't be surprized if many links there don't work. On the other hand, it should work on the most ancient browsers, including the text ones.
When I originally created the site one of the frequently asked questions was how to pronounce my name. I recorded vuh-DEEM and the page, describing origins of the name and all the Vadims, made it canonical.

Business Stuff

I am seasoned Software Engineering and Software Quality Assurance Manager with off-shore development expertise and expeience at Sun and HP. Right now I am looking for new job so if you have exciting position in San Francisco Bay Area do contact me. This is my more or less current resume. More work-related stuff is available on LinkedIn.

Personal Stuff

Wouldn't it be boring if it weren't nothing more to me but my work? Fortunately, long time ago, I found for myself that we work to live, and not live to work.

I was born in the town of Rechitsa and lived first 27 years of my life in Minsk - capital city of Belarus. My birthday is July 28.

Now Belarus is an independent state, but when I lived there it was part of Soviet Union. My native language is Russian, and I think I would put here links to Russian resources in WWW space. One would be Dazhdbog's Grandsons at UNC, and the other Window to Russia in Moscow. Sometimes I read, and even less often I post to newsgroup soc.culture.soviet.

When I was young I was a wunderkind. I started to read my first big books when I was three and a half, graduated from High School before I was 15, and graduated from Belorusian University with M.S. in Physics when I was 20. I started to work in Computer Science, and when it became possible I emigrated to the United States.

I lived all over San Francisco Bay Area. My favorite place on the Peninsula is Palo Alto. My home now is in the hills of San Carlos.

I always loved to travel. When I lived in the Soviet Union I traveled extensively on this 1/6th part of the World's land. When I came to the United States I was able to follow my dreams and visit some of the places I could only read about before. Here is my electronic travel scrapbook. In the end of my stint at Informix (this company doesn't exist anymore, I afraid) I enjoyed my sabbatical. Here's link to Vadim's European Tour '96

My recent postings on LiveJournal

My other hobbies include books, movies, food, and computers.
My very own Queer Page has a lot of information about me. When I just started my web (in August of 1994) it was listed on the all comprehensive queer web lists. At that time all of these lists had just few dozens entries.

I also helped to maintain Gay Russia page on my server. It was the first, and for quite long time the only, gay Russian page. At that time (early 1996) the Internet in Russia was just beginning, and not too many people dare to be openly gay there. Now it has only historical significance, as I don't update it.

Though the Bulletin Board there is still functioning, the times when it had thousands hits an hour are long gone.

For people interested in Russian gay literature, there are some interesting materials there:
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