I danced with a boy last night!

From: vadim@best.com (Vadim Temkin)
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Subject: I danced with a boy last night!
Date: 31 Dec 1994 19:35:52 -0801
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Summary: Happy New Year!

I danced with a boy last night!

The boy was very cute. I met him first a month ago, but didn't have a chance to get to know him better until now. We danced heart to heart, he was warm and smiling, we both were happy. I realized I love the guy.

Eric was under age, but it's OK, his father was in the same room.

You ask, "What the big deal?"

No big deal, Eric is 35 days old, he's my nephew.

What a year it was for me! It was my first full year out. It had it's high and low points. I met a lot of wonderful soc.motss people first on motss.con, then Big Zak in D.C., Ri-Jen in Austin, and lately the Great Mammoth in Palo Alto. The Steve moved to Texas, it wasn't easy, but we had great going away party in Paris, and few really nice re-unions. I saw few good movies and _Angels in America_, I read few good books. I started to explore my Jewishness. The year was full of events for me.

But nothing compares with these dances with Eric. I wish this new Temkin man to live long and happy life. I wish him to be whoever he'll choose to be, and to be never put in any boxes whatever labels could be ("Jewish", "Gentile", "Russian", "American", "breeder", "queer"...)

Happy New Year!

Vadim Temkin (vadim@best.com)