Amsterdam-Utrecht(Sep 10-16)

Vadim arrives September 10 by car from Brussels

Vadim stays in the Freeland Hotel, Marnixstraat 386, 1017 PL Amsterdam, Tel. 20-6227511, fax. 6267744

Euro.con programme

Thursday 12 : tour of Utrecht, the fourth biggest city in the Netherlands, with lots of old buildings, nice museums and pleasant cafes.
Thursday, lunch : Victor Consael de Paris. An enormous range of pancakes and poffertjes, with everything from cheese to curry and from sugar to ice-cream.
Thursday, dinner : Ajanta. The best Indian restaurant in Utrecht. They have the usual tandoori and vindaloo stuff, but many other kinds of food as well, including dozens of vegetarian and vegan choices. The meat they use is from free-range animals and they even have meals with very few spices.
Friday 13 : tour of Gouda, a town with a wonderful medieval centre. Included are bus tours of the country side, with a stop in the small town of Oudewater if we feel like it.
Friday, lunch : I don't know any special places in Gouda, so we'll just see what we can find. If we're lucky, we may get a seat in one of the gardens.
Friday, dinner : Marienberg. This is located in what used to be a convent. They do vaguely medieval food with funny names. Everything's very good, they have vegetarian dishes and I think they even have a real wine list.
Saturday 14 : Amsterdam: [Marina:] I don't know exactly what Mik has planned, but one of his ideas was "gay shopping". If you need books, toys, or a fresh supply of lube, you can buy it in Amsterdam.
[Mik:]Instead of shopping we could do a trip on a boat through the canals and do one of the museums.
[Marina:] Saturday night, Mik wants to take the men to a leather/rubber/fetish party.
[Mik:]Well, that's the party where I want to go, but I probably won't go there before about 1am, so we have to whole evening to do all the other bars/clubs. There are trains from Amsterdam to Utrecht all night long.
[Mik:]We're probably gonna have dinner at La Strada that night, so if Marina knows how many people there will be she can make a reservation.
Sunday 15 : depending on the weather : a museum or a side-walk cafe (or both) in Utrecht
Sunday, lunch : Navratilova or one of the Grand Cafes
Sunday, dinner : I haven't decided that one yet. I noticed yesterday that on an early Sunday evening most restaurants are almost empty, so we can probably choose on the spot.

End of Euro.con programme

September 16, Monday
Vadim leaves for Berlin, train leaves Amsterdam CS at 9:14 AM, arrives Berlin Zoo 4:32 PM