Grab-bag of links

Living Gay in Russia
International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Comission
Gay Pride And Russian Prejudice
Gay Russian Culture by Kevin Moss in Middlebury College, VT, USA.
Gay Russia Home Page in Moscow - the first commercial Russian Web Site - with lots and lots of information, including legal situation, gay bars, restaurants, saunas, publications, escort services. It is sponsored by Gay Business Association of Russia.
#gayrussian channel on IRC

Here you can find pages of Russian or Russian-speaking people out on the Web. Please contact to be added here.
Veniamin Kostitsin II (Vienna, Austria)
Vadim Temkin (San Carlos, CA, USA)
Veiko Maandi (Tallinn, Estonia)
Yuri Kravtchenko (Moscow, Russia - Uppsala, Sweden)
Evgenii (Johnny) Shtephan (Irkutsk, Russia - Korea)
Wolfy (Moscow, Russia) Source of information on gay and lesbian movies dubbed in Russian available on video.
Pinks (Atlanta, GA, USA)
CyberBob (Moscow, Russia)

This page was prepared by Vadim Temkin.