Vadim's Hobbies Page

This Page is under construction.
So, travel is my big love, but in this country one has only two week of vacations (well, if I stick with Informix a little more it would be big THREE WEEKS).
My first love were, of course, books. I can't claim that I read everything available in this electronic library , but, for sure, I read and loved much more books that aren't available there. Literary Kicks by Levi Asher is a great collection of information on Beatniks.
Then, there are movies. I was an avid movie-goer back in Russia, but when I came to the States I bought a VCR (then the other one, then the third, then Laser Disk player, then 35" TV - you've got the trend) and started systematically view European films (American movies go under Entertainment, not under Art in my book). There are more then few Directors in the list of my favorites, but just to give you a feeling of what kind of cinema I love - such different people as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Andrej Tarkovsky, and Peter Greenaway are on this list. Internet Movie Database is one very valuable source of information for me. And the cross section of my cinematic and queer interests is represented in this huge list of GLBO films. Here are two film critiques I published on USENET at different times

The other love of mine is food. I've eaten in quite a few of restaurants in Palo Alto, South Bay, and Greater San Francisco Bay Area. But my Mom's cooking may be compared with better examples of Paris' cuisine

Another hobby of mine is my computer. I am running Linux on my PC at home. My connection to Internet goes through Best Internet Communications.