Vadim's Queer Page

It's quite obvious from my picture that I am a bear.
My NBCS: B4 f+ w g s- r . From time to time you can find me on #bearcave channel of IRC.

I don't post to soc.motss or ba.motss too often. I am mostly lurker, but I feel very strong association with these UseNet groups. I came out to the world there, before I came out to my family and friends. I found my first boyfriend through ba.motss gathering. The 7th Annual motss.con in Las Vegas, NV (October 6-10, 1994) was a great experience for me. The 8th motss.con in Washington, D.C. (October 5-9, 1995) was even more fun.

I kept archives of posts about these conventions off this page, but they are now obsolete, and I removed Web access to them. If you want to know how fun motss.cons can be before you decide to go to San Francisco *X* this August, write me and I'll e-mail you these archives.

Here are few of my major posts to soc.motss.

Strangely enough, these my pages started to appear on the web search engines, when one would ask for "gay AND Russian", long ago. Since then I took active part in organization of Russian gay newsgroup relcom.glb, host and administer Russian Gay Pages on this host, and also started #gayrussian channel on IRC, and keep it alive with eggdrop robot called gRbot. Don't forget to send message "privet" (it's "Hi!" in Russian) to the bot, when you visit the channel. (You can say "Hi!" to me as well, when I am there.)

[No longer] Comprehensive list of Queer Resources

* Russian Gay Pages (mostly in Russian)

* General Resources

* School Resources

* Huge Collection of Personal Pages