Senior Software Development or Software Quality Engineering Manager


Experienced senior level manager with proven ability to build and manage internationally distributed teams working on multiple projects in changing development environment. Ten years of Software Development Management experience based on fifteen years of Software Development expertise.

§  People and Project Management (up to 100+ people and $20M)

§  International software development (built and managed worldwide teams, created off-shore development center for Sun Microsystems, managed projects in off-shore)

§  Startup acquisition and integration (on both sides)

§  Traditional (Waterfall) and Agile (Scrum) system lifecycle models

§  QA tools, metrics, environments and techniques



PALAGRAPH, San Carlos, CA                                                                    2008 – current

Co-founder, User Interface Designer, Tester

§  Worked on creation of Business Graphic software to compete with MS Visio on features, usability, and price. Manage business arrangements, user interface design, documentation, sales, off-shore development.

§  Created educational geography guessing web game GR8CTZ.COM

§  Work on further development of GR8CTZ for ChromeCast, Android, and iOS



HEWLETT-PACKARD, Cupertino, CA                                                       5/2006 – 3/2008
Software Development Manager II

§  Managed geographically distributed Quality Engineering team in NeoView SQL R&D organization, successfully doubling the size of QA group.

§  Led testing effort for a first customer shipment and three subsequent releases of NeoView business intelligence and data warehousing platform.

§  Integrated the QA processes in Scrum teams.


EPAM SYSTEMS, Princeton, NJ - Redwood City, CA                               10/2005 - 4/2006
Director, Technology Solutions

Largest software engineering outsourcing services provider in Central and Eastern Europe.

§  Managed client site project with off-shore development, business analysis, and quality engineering teams of 30+ people working on various components of advanced Enterprise Contract Management solutions.  ($1.5M+ per annum revenue for EPAM.)


SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC., Palo Alto - Santa Clara, CA                      4/1997 - 9/2005
Software Engineering Manager

Started as Senior Software Engineer at INTEGRITY ARTS, SAN MATEO, CA, the pioneering company in Java Card Technology, which was acquired by SUN in 1997.

§  Provided significant technical and organizational input for creation of Sun's St. Petersburg Development Center in Russia including initial planning, negotiations with former owners, retention of former contractors

§  Managed site buildup from 100 to 180 employees in 6 months, real estate searches, security and export control issues, hiring essential personal (HR, recruitment, operations management), negotiating employment contracts, and overseeing new hire orientation.

§  Was member of Acquisition/Integration group for Pixo, Inc. acquisition, integrated into Sun and built up the QA team for Sun Java System Content Delivery Server.

§  Built and managed worldwide Quality Engineering teams responsible for multiple new Java technologies, among others:

§  Java Card Technology - Virtual Machine, API, Runtime Environment and Development Tools for Java in Smart Cards;

§  CLDC and K Virtual Machine - Virtual Machine and API for Java 2 Micro Edition;

§  multiple ports of MIDP - Mobile Information Device Profile - to various devices;

§  Java Device Test Suite - a productized testing suite of few thousands tests for verification and validation CLDC/MIDP implementations on a device.

§  Built global teams (between 5 and 25 engineers at different times)  in multiple time zones (California, Israel, Russia, India, Ireland), working with development teams and providing Quality Engineering services for multiple high profile projects for tens of millions consumer devices worldwide.


INFORMIX SOFTWARE, INC., Menlo Park, CA                                      9/1991 - 4/1997
Senior Software Development Engineer

§  Led QA effort in areas of Performance and Global Language Support.

§  Created and supported GUI and CLI QA tools and harnesses, integrated QA metrics tools and methodologies.



Senior Software Development Engineer, SILVACO INTERNATIONAL, Santa Clara, CA – Electronic Computer Aided Design company  

Senior Software Development Engineer, COMPUTER RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE, MINSK, USSR – the leading Soviet IBM-compatible mainframe hardware and software development company  



M.S. Summa cum laude in Physics. Belarussian University, Minsk, USSR

Doctoral work in Computer Science. (All but dissertation.) Computer Research and Development Institute, Minsk, USSR



§  Software Metrics

§  Technical Writing

§  Effective Communication

§  Time Management

§  Strategy and Team Priorities

§  Managing for Success

§  Managing within the Law

§  Managing Remote and Virtual Teams

§  SunShot

§  SunSigma

§  Jerry Weinberg’s PSL & AYE

§  James Bach’s Rapid Software Testing

§  Ken Schwaber’s Scrum Methodology





Java (especially J2ME and Java Card Technologies), C/C++, Informix NewEra, Perl, Informix 4GL, HTML, Intel X86 and IBM/370 Assembly, Pascal, REXX, APL, PL/I, FORTRAN.



Operating Systems:

System level of all flavors of UNIX (Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, ULTRIX, BSD and System V); user level of MS Windows, DOS 370, OS/VS 370.



User Interfaces:

Java Swing, MS Foundation Classes, HTML, X Windows System, X Toolkit, OSF Motif, Adobe PostScript, HP-GL.



Application, Software Development and QA Systems:

Silk (QA Partner), HP Mercury XRunner / WinRunner / QuickTest Pro / LoadRunner, YACC, LEX, Make, AWK, Shells, VERITAS ViSTA, JCov, C-Cover, ClearCase, Lint, Coverity, Visual SourceSafe, Informix SQL, NeoView SQL, MS Office and other spreadsheets, editors, debuggers and other systems for UNIX, Linux, MS Windows, and IBM mainframes.