Vadim's European Tour '96

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Map of Europe London London Holland Holland Berlin Berlin Prague Prague Vienna Vienna Budapest Santorini Istanbul Turkey Rodos Ancona Venice Milan Paris Budapest Istanbul Turkey Rodos Ancona Santorini Milan Venice Paris
London(Sep 3-10) - Amsterdam-Utrecht(Sep 10-16) - Berlin-Dresden(Sep 17-21) - Prague(Sep 22-25) - Vienna(Sep 26-29) - Budapest(Sep 30 - Oct 1) - Istanbul(Oct 1-4) - Aegean Coast of Turkey(Oct 5-14) - Rodos(Oct 14) - Santorini(Oct 15-18) - Trip to Ancona(Oct 20) - Venice(Oct 21-23) - Milan(Oct 24-26) - Paris(Oct 27 - Nov 3) - London(Nov 3-4)
It used to be my on-line itinerary. (The idea was I'd be able to access it anywhere in Europe if I'd lost all my laggage. I was fine, and my laptop worked fine all that time.) Now it is being converted to a travelogue/scrapbook/memoir kind of thing. It takes time - so be patient (after all, I am doing it mostly for myself, but you might find something interesting or amuzing here).